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Striving towards the highest echelon quality, our equipment outfitted with apparatus and gauge. In addition, to enhance quality control, we’ve followed customers’ requests to use hand-made examining tools to assure the best quality.

The product policy of CE equipment Co., Ltd. is to meet or transcend customers’ request.

Providing best quality without any defect and delivering products on time is the goal of CE equipment Co., Ltd. Guaranteeing our quality policy, we are equipped with the ISO9001:2008 certification which is our standard to examine our products.

Standard basis: in accordance with customers’ required examining regulation.Following design, special standard, or following the regular regulation.

ISO certification
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  • ISO certification
Quality Examining equipments
Illustration of examining quality
  • 品質檢驗操作示意圖
TESA economical Micro-Hite 3D  Manual
  • Manual gauge. High precision. Easy to operate. Self-examination.
  • Reflex interactive software helps examine easily even on complicated work.
  • Measuring range:460 x 510 x 420 mm
  • Table size:600 x 750 x 430 mm
  • Machine size:970 x 930 x 1620 mm
  • Can make different measurement. Ex: height, slot, centroid, slot width, one-way measurement.
Coating Thickness Tester
  • To test the thickness of product surface coating and Zinc plate.
Push-Pull Gauge
  • To test the adhesion strength of annex.
Dial Indicating Torque Wrench
  • To test the adhesion strength of annex.TORQUE RANGE:10~120 [kgf • cm]
Screwing strength tester
  • To test the adhesion strength of annex.TORQUE RANGE:10~50 [kgf • cm]
  • To test small dimensions of product.
Cross-cut tester
  • The cross-cutting of the surface coating of the metallic paint was performed using a Cross-cut tester to discriminate the peeling off of the coating surface.
Non-touch infrared testers
  • examine minimum measurement by way of non-touch infrared.
  • Projector
Height Guage
  • Height Guage
Quality Examining equipments
Quality Examining equipments
Torque Gauge
  • Torque Gauge
Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Coating Thickness Gauge
Force Gauge
  • Force Gauge
Angle Gauge
  • Angle Gauge
Granite Plate
  • Granite Plate
Vertical Gauge
  • Vertical Gauge
Vernier Caliper
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Gauge
Rod Gauge
  • Rod Gauge
Thread Gauge
  • Thread Gauge
Right Angle Gauge
  • Right Angle Gauge
Thickness Gauge
  • Thickness Gauge
Gauge Block
  • Gauge Block